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The first issue of Cantalao, launched in September 2013 - the fortieth anniversary of Pablo Neruda's death - contains: a rare interview with the American translator, Nathaniel Tarn; an article by another celebrated translator, John Felstiner, about his personal response to the Pinochet military coup in Chile and Neruda's 'deathbed poem'; an investigation into Neruda's last, troubled year and the rumours that he may have been poisoned; an account of Neruda's friendship with the Spanish painter, Maruja Mallo; a piece on Neruda's Anglophilia; an analysis of how Neruda's famous poem, 'Walking Around', was influenced by his great friend, Federico García Lorca; Colin Hobson on filming Neruda; Adam Feinstein's translations from Neruda's Canto General and Timothy Adès' translations from Verlaine.
Acerca de la revista
Adam Feinstein is a writer, journalist, poet and translator. His biography, Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life, was first published by Bloomsbury in 2004 to worldwide acclaim from, among others, Harold Pinter and Andrew Motion. It has just been re-published by Bloomsbury in 2013 in an updated edition to include the exhumation of Neruda’s body on April 8 this year in an attempt to investigate claims that the poet may have been poisoned. Feinstein has translated from the work of many Spanish and Latin American poets, including Federico García Lorca and Mario Benedetti. He writes on Spanish and Latin American cultural and political affairs, as well as autism, for many publications around the world and also broadcasts on these subjects for the BBC. His latest book - his translations from Neruda’s Canto General, illustrated with original prints by the Brazilian artist, Ana Maria Pacheco - is also coming out in 2013. He is currently working on a collection of translations from the Spanish poet, Félix Grande, with Pilar Cáceres and a book about cultural policy in Cuba since the Revolution.
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